Where can I pay with a credit card? 

Where can I pay with a credit card? 

Credit cards are gaining in popularity every year and are already being accepted almost everywhere. In fact, it is becoming increasingly common that payments on the Internet, e.g. for hotels or flight bookings, can only be processed using a credit card. A credit card is usually also a prerequisite for car rentals.

But where can you pay by credit card everywhere? With your credit card you can pay at all acceptance points of the respective credit card provider. This is different for every credit card. VISA and MasterCard acceptance points are now the most widespread (over 53 million acceptance points in total) and credit cards from these umbrella brand companies can now be used almost anywhere. American Express and Diners Club credit card holders unfortunately do not enjoy such a high acceptance rate. There are over 14 million points of acceptance for Diners Club credit cards and several million points where you can pay with an American Express credit card.

In shops at home and abroad that accept your credit card, the card is inserted into the card reader and after checking the card data, the goods are released. You can decide whether you want to enter or sign your PIN to confirm the payment.

If you want to pay with your credit card on the Internet, it is usually only necessary to enter the card number, the test number and the expiry date. If the dates and numbers match, the credit card will be accepted, the payment process will be completed and the purchased goods will be shipped immediately.

Can I Pay my bills using credit cards?

Can I Pay my bills using credit cards?

Since paying online via credit card is becoming increasingly popular and is often the only way to pay, there is now a virtual credit card that you can use to pay for your bills only when shopping online.

However, since only your card details are required for the online payment process, your card can be misused quickly and easily. To combat this, a new security procedure was introduced, which is called “MasterCard SecureCode” for MasterCard credit cards and “Verified by VISA” for VISA. If you use this procedure (if it is offered by your bank), you must also enter an individual PIN at the participating retailers. This will identify you as the owner of the card and counteract credit card fraud.

What is the risk if you pay with your credit card online? Black sheep are also widespread on the Internet, who either want to get your card details or do not want to send you the purchased goods. Therefore, when making credit card payments on the Internet, please only order from reputable dealers and sellers.

If you happen to be a victim of credit card abuse, you should first ensure that your credit card is blocked. Simply call your bank or the corresponding credit card blocking number. In addition, the bank is usually liable for incorrect debits, since these transactions may only be carried out if you have expressly confirmed this with your PIN or signature.

However, you should still handle your card carefully. Because if you are accused of violating the duty of care, it could be that you are liable for the entire amount alone.


The credit card is indispensable nowadays and can be used in many ways. Not only on the Internet or in shops, but also abroad, you can pay conveniently and easily by credit card. In some cases, it is even a requirement for certain payments and promotions that you have a credit card. And if you handle your credit card and card data carefully and responsibly, you can significantly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of credit card misuse.