Small children – a small problem, big children – a big problem, apparently this saying works in most cases. The theory that the less money we borrow, the less problems we have with debt repayment, it is not so obvious. Learn more at

Many people think that a loan of 500 or 1000 USD for a very short repayment period will not bring any problems. However, it turns out that such thinking can easily push us onto the path of financial trouble and the fight against unreliable lenders.

A small loan is a big problem

A small loan is a big problem

Let’s think about what consumers usually borrow small amounts of money for? Usually, these are small expenses related to e.g. Christmas or September purchase of books and clothes for children. Also, renovation or purchase of home electronics/household appliances often forces us to borrow, but for a much larger amount of money.

There are cases when the loan becomes the only way out of financial problems and this is no longer one of the lifebuoys, but rather the last resort. It happens that a person with a loan of, for example, USD 250, gets into USD 500 only to pay off the previous debt – and so over and over again falling into a spiral of debt.

One of the reasons for the accumulation of financial problems is to use loans for a short repayment period. Such loans should normally be returned in full up to a maximum of 30 days.

The future, however, writes different scenarios and the month may be too short. In this way, a small amount of debt may grow, which is difficult to pay back in full if the lender is unable to break it down into a monthly oppressive installment.

A naive heart and a reasonable mind


In the eternal struggle of heart and reason, in the case of financial matters, the reason should definitely win. A reasonable loan decision can only be made if you are dealing with a credible lender. In any case, you should read the terms and costs very carefully.

And so, for example, we can take one of the Polish brands. Installment loans in the letter of credit because we are talking about them – they were presented to the client in such a way that he not only received relevant information about the debt and its repayment but also easily understood it.

In this case, the repayment time can be individually adjusted to your financial capabilities, and thus split into monthly installments, which are much easier to settle than the entire debt payable in one part, within a maximum of 30 days.